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I'm Jemi, a Finn based in NYC! I share all things fashion & aesthetics, served to you with some of my awkwardness and brutal honesty on the side. Follow along for honest reviews and sustainable shopping.

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If you're interested to see more videos related to fashion, how to style, where to shop for ethical and sustainable clothes, and know more about the different fashion aesthetics out there, you can find me on YouTube:


I like discovering new styles and ways to style my clothes differently.

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I bought the women's tree runners in jet black, size 7. The website is very simple and easy to use and they seem to have a lot of different color options as well. The only downside with my shopping experience is that since these particular shoes are popular, my order went to a backorder line, and so they arrived after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting. However, the shipping is free so I don't mind that much.

The quality of these shoes is great. I tested them first at home, and I noticed that after wearing them all day, I almost preferred to keep them on because they were so soft on the inside with the wool lining doing a good job at keeping my feet warm. I then tested these by taking a 2 hour long walk through central park and these were very comfortable and easy to walk in. The only downside with regards to quality is that the shoe laces will eventually loosen, so I had to double knot them to prevent that from happening.

As for sizing, I am in between a 6 1/2 and a 7 in shoe sizes, and these shoes fit me perfectly. If you are a half size, I definitely recommend sizing up, because I feel like these shoes run a little small. There isn't an option for half sizes anyways. These shoes may feel tighter for people with wide feet like mine, but it isn't uncomfortable to me.

Overall, I think Allbirds has done a great job at providing ethically made and comfortable, yet stylish shoes. I'll definitely be using these for my longer walks around NYC.


I've bought two glasses from Zenni that were similar in color, but slightly different in shape. They have a lot of different options for glasses, and they also have a camera app service where you can see in 3D how the glasses would look on you. Thankfully I found something for my small head, it's hard to find glasses since most of them are big in size. The shipping was quick and the price seemed right. It's been a year and the glasses still work great for me. I had to go straighten out one pair, as it got a little unsteady probably from me handling it roughly. Overall though, a very wonderful experience.


I started using this dry shampoo after I saw a few other YouTubers talking about it. No Nothing is a Finnish brand priding themselves in cutting out any harmful or unnecessary ingredients from their haircare products, making them safe to use for fine or colored hair. I ordered their "very sensitive dry shampoo", and I must say that it really does the job well! There is no strong scent and it makes my hair look fresh immediately. I definitely enjoy the fact that I don't have to worry about any harmful ingredients.


Vintage Sports Fashion offer a staggering range of authentic, used soccer products, as well as a smattering of merchandise from other sports. Many of these shirts are vintage in nature, dating back to the 1980s or 90s.
Their website is fairly easy to navigate, but they fail to provide detailed photos of their offerings, though they do describe the condition in text format, making it a bit of a gamble to know what you're going to get. So far, however, I have been quite pleased with the quality and condition of the items I have ordered. Prices are often quite higher than other outlets, including shipping rates (which go up the more you order, making larger orders unappealing) so I only shop for must-have items here.


I bought peachy shapewear's popular backless body shaper in Beige, size S. It took over a month for it to arrive, but I was warned about this upon purchase, since it's coming from a further destination. However, when the package did arrive, it was worth the wait. I can adjust the length of the bodysuit itself, as well as the bra straps. The reviews on their website about this fitting well on bustier people were true (anyone over D cup will look absolutely gorgeous in this and it will give you that lift), and this is the first body shaper that I can wear under all of my complicated dresses. It gives me an immediate boost in confidence and I'm excited to wear these dresses more often now without worrying about bra straps and whatnot!


My general impression of aritzia is good. The website was easy to use and they had detailed measurements of each item, and they seem to be inclusive on sizing. The pricing makes sense for most pieces of clothing and if you sign up for an account you also get free shipping.
Unfortunately though I do see a lot of independent brands on the website, I see no indication of whether or not the items were made sustainably, so I can only trust with what aritzia promises on that front.

As for the quality and shipping, it took about 2 weeks for this item to arrive due to its limited stock. I assume this is because the clothes come from independent sellers, so they don't mass produce them.

The sweater vest I ordered has received some hype on tiktok alongside with their new tennis skirts. Looking at the sweater vest without it on me, it's beautiful and looks accurate to photos. It's also very soft, so no complaints with quality. The size technically is the right size as well. However, I was disappointed to find out that the vest looks very awkward on me, and quite frankly, I feel like I could find something like this at a thrift store. $98 for a single sweater vest does feel excessive. The sweater vest looked more loose at the bottom on the model, which is what I was going for, but the elastic on the hem ruins it and makes it look bad on me. I don't think it's worth the price and I'm a little sad that it looks different on me than on the model.

All in all, I did still have a mostly positive experience shopping with aritzia. I'm a little worried about how the clothes would look on me in comparison to the models in the future, but the free shipping is nice.


While I do love finding trendy pieces for a bargain, I would probably not shop at Zaful again. Zaful has a wide range of clothing, though most of it is in the style of whatever is trendy, and it's in some ways very similar to H&M but all online.
The clothes I got are of so-and-so quality. All of them looked the same as in photos, but some of them were made of cheaper material than I'd expect, for some of the prices I paid especially. Don't expect Zara quality here.
Overall, I didn't have an unpleasant shopping experience, but there also wasn't a "wow" factor for me that would make me want to shop there again.

Charlie F. – ZAFUL Rep

"Dear jemi,
Thank you for notifying us of your complaint.
All of our products follow strict quality checks and we always aim for our products to meet our customer's satisfaction. Please kindly review our warranty policy here:
We are aware that we need to improve on some aspects.
We will submit this problem to our related department and improve it in the future.
Kindly understand that we are more than willing to assist any of our loyal customers.
We always reflect on the vital feedback that customers provide us in order to improve our shopping experience in the future.
If any issue, you can submit a ticket here and write the subject as "complaint from".
We are always happy to assist you.
Best Regards
ZAFUL Customer Service"


I took a risk and bought a mattress topper from viscosoft online instead of trying mattresses in person due to COVID-19. The 3 year warranty and positive (yet varied) reviews on their website made it an appealing choice. The mattress topper arrived a few days after I placed the order. It arrived in a big package, and it was as described. There was a strong factory odor coming from the topper at first, but it went away within 24h. Assembly was pretty easy and straightforward.
Their mattress topper has eliminated 90% of my back and shoulder pain that I used to get at night, and it makes my bed feel like a hotel bed, very soft and like sleeping on clouds. It has definitely improved my quality of sleep and my back pain, and I'm not worried about the quality getting worse overtime, since there is a warranty.


I stumbled across Lucy In The Sky via instagram and fell in love with their ruffle dresses. I don't usually like buying from stores that do store credit only for returns (hence the 4 stars), but I decided to risk it because they have such a wide selection of beautiful dresses, so I knew I had other options if I didn't like the clothes I got. I bought one dress in 2 colors and a couple more dresses. The first thing I have to mention is that they all are high quality, and it's clear they've put a lot of effort into making these. Unfortunately the maxi dress fit me a little weird and was too long so I'll be returning it, but the other mini ruffle dresses fit perfectly, even though I have an hourglass figure. The sizing seems limited for now, but they are good about telling you that their sizing runs small, which is why instead of ordering my usual S, I ordered all of my dresses in M. For bigger busts that need support, you'll need to improvise with wearing a bra, as a lot of these dresses are revealing in ways that make it hard to wear a bra underneath, but if you like the style, I think it's worth it. Haven't returned my dress yet, but hopefully it'll be a swift and painful exchange with some other dress!

You can watch my full video review on these clothes on my YouTube channel:


I bought a necklace from Kestan's MeixKestan line. Unfortunately it turned out to cost about $60 in the end because they sell the chains separately, which I find a little odd to price them so high when the necklace itself already costs $40. Of course, most jewelry is pretty expensive, but considering the fact that the items are made of pretty standard/non-expensive materials, I think they should lower their prices especially if they sell the chain separately. I've had my necklace for a few months now and I do love it, it is very beautiful and feels unique. So far no problems with anything breaking, but I am very careful when wearing it. Shipping was fairly quick, took about a week.


Chewy has a wide variety of common cat foods, litters, and toys, as well as a decent selection of medicines and cat "furniture." Their free shipping minimum is a bit high, but ordering strategically allows you to hit the mark most times. They have trouble keeping certain popular foods in stock, which is quite frustrating when your cat needs a refill. If they were able to improve on that front, they would probably get all of my online pet supplies business.


J-Ing sitejabber review

I bought one of J-Ing's most popular dresses, the pink puffy one. I went with a size S as I figured that a slightly tighter fitting dress would look good on my small waist (I have an hourglass figure, but I checked their measurements beforehand). However, once I received the dress, I was not at all impressed. The dress looked like it was made from a different material than the one in their photos, and the color was also more saturated than pictured online. The dress looked awful on me, and it felt cheap. Considering that this dress was over $100 and that I had to pay $15 return shipping, I wasn't very impressed. The return process was also a little bit confusing, and overall it felt way too messy for an item that was so expensive. The purchase made me underwhelmed and I returned the dress. The website has beautiful clothes on display, but the issue with color and size, and paying hefty shipping despite the products being expensive already, makes me shy away from them.


Dear Jemi, thank you for your insights! Your opinion is important for us! We will report this size and color issue for our manufactory, and we'll also make sure the display pictures are more accurate! Due to the return shipping, we only charge $7.99 return fees for US continental orders. Do you mind providing your order number, so that we can check if there is any misunderstanding?


Shopping on website was fairly straightforward. The first thing I noticed is that there is hardly any variety between the styles of clothing. A lot of it is in bold colors, mostly black, white, or strong colors like red and magenta. There is also no price filter so you'll be seeing items anywhere from $50 to $250 on the same page. Also, the website stopped working at one point, I couldn't open new tabs for clothes or even click on them, so I am assuming it crashed for a while.
Looking at the clothes, they look pretty, but there is barely any variety in terms of style. A lot of these are meant to look good on hourglass figures, which I have, but not everyone wants to show more skin. The other problem with the hourglass figure "aesthetic" is that it simply excludes a lot of other body types. I found only one dress I was interested in, and unfortunately it didn't fit me. It was also not the same color as portrayed in the photos on the website.
The quality of the dress itself was pretty, but like some other reviews have pointed, it doesn't have a WOW factor that would separate it from a store like Zara.
On the whole, I think House of CB has potential, but because of its lack of inclusivity in many aspects, most shoppers will have a hard time shopping here. They also do not offer refunds for sale items, but offer store credit instead, which I find to be a little absurd considering that most of their sale items still cost $150-250 on sale, and one simply can't know ahead of time whether the clothes will fit or not. And if most of the clothes aren't to your liking, you're not likely to find another item you'd rather buy with that credit.


ASOS sitejabber review

ASOS has a wide range of different brands that are all working with ASOS. It has a similar umbrella style shopping experience to websites like YesStyle, where you can browse based on brands, colors, or other filters. ASOS also has their own clothing line which tends to make affordable dupes of trending items.

My shopping experience was pleasant. I like that there is a wide variety of options and that you can read reviews of items before purchasing them. Quality of items will of course differ based on the individual brands. I bought three items, of which I kept only one. The only annoying thing for me was that ASOS will remove items from your cart after an hour.
The shipping took a few days, and once I received and tried the items, filling out a return online was very quick and efficient. The shipping is pre-paid, and you just have to drop off the package at a local UPS store. Even though I wasn't pleased with some of my purchases, the overall experiences was so painless that I wouldn't mind doing it again. I also do happen to adore the dress I kept, and I think that you can get really lucky and find some hidden gems.

As for sustainability, it really depends on the brand you buy from. If you buy Nike, it isn't sustainable, but usually smaller brands like the one I purchased from tend to have more ethically produced items.

Overall, I highly recommend that you give ASOS a try. Just hold onto any receipts, and you should be fine if you have to return something.


I have ordered from W Concept twice. I ordered the same knee high boots in two separate colors (beige and black) and separate orders. It looks like W Concept has a lot of variety for different styles, and high quality items. My boots are both great quality with a unique and beautiful design. It seems that W Concept works similarly to places like YesStyle and ASOS, where it hosts different brands on its website. The difference is though, that W Concept hosts a lot of sustainable, ethical, and small independent brands, and gives them a platform for exposure and easy shopping for customers.
The one disappointment though is that the prices for items can be very expensive, ranging from $200-500. My shoes were $100 on a sale and were not eligible for a return, which was also stressful and discouraging. Thankfully they fit me, but if they hadn't, I would have to keep them or re-sell them. I think most items can be returned, but some sale items can't, and so you may be taking an expensive risk.
As for style, there are various styles, but I have noticed that a lot of them are a little bit more mature. There are a lot of Korean and some European designers/brands on the website. My shoes shipped from South Korea, so it took about 1 1/2 weeks for them to arrive. Considering this fact, items may take longer to ship depending on where they're shipping from. However, if you have the time to wait, and the money to spend, I do think you'll find yourself buying items you will hold onto for the years to come.


Em Cosmetics is definitely one of those "aesthetic" makeup brands you like to own. Unfortunately, considering the rather hefty prices you pay for a simple lip gloss or their lip clouds or other compacts, the packaging is very cheap. I have tried multiple EM cosmetics products, each time hoping they'd deliver as promised, and each time being disappointed. Over half of my products' packaging broke within months or even weeks of use (rendering some of them almost impossible to use), or is completely impractical like their lip balm (try and close the lid without smudging the product everywhere, I dare you).
It's true that their shades are absolutely divine and versatile from what I've seen, and I have always loved the unique shade faded clementine, but the makeup doesn't stick one bit and transfers very easily. After trying everything from the lip products, and a few other products, I must say that EM cosmetics is not worth the price, no matter how pretty the packaging may look. You can get a lot of higher quality, long lasting lip/cheek/eye products from other brands, especially from brands like Etude House and Peripera (if you like long lasting makeup) for a fraction of the price.
Overall, while the products look aesthetic and promising, I've only found slightly more long lasting use with a fraction of the products I've tried.


I started using the Shea Moisture conditioner paired with the honey hair mask. It has definitely made my hair healtier, and it is sold at a good price for the amount you get, but I do wonder if there's any way they can help with frizzy hair or not. My hair does feel healthier, especially my fry ends, but I expected this to help with how it looks as well. Perhaps there is another product of theirs to try, either way these products are great for people with dry ends like me.


Reformation is known for being a sustainable, ethical, and an elegant brand. Having bought a dress from them myself, I can say with confidence that their clothes are high quality, true to size, and as far as I can see, sustainable. Due to these factors, their clothes are of course on the slightly more expensive side, but it is worth it if you're looking to get some long lasting pieces.
The shipping took a while (10-15 days), most likely due to me ordering the dress around christmas, which is a chaotic time for shipping. The sizing only goes up to about 12 on dresses, and while there is variety on dresses and their patterns/colors, the actual styles of the dresses can be quite similar, usually differing in texture or cut a little bit. Reformation is definitely one of those brands where you just know that it's "the reformation dress" when you wear it or see it.
The annoying thing is that the website will not only show the same dress in multiple colors on one tab, but it'll show the same dress multiple times in those different colors/patterns, which means that it's a bit more chaotic to shop for clothes if you don't have anything specific in mind to shop for. Also, different color or pattern options will cost more than others of the exact same dress, which doesn't really make sense. My overall experience though, was great, and even as an hourglass figure, I was able to fit into my usual size S (there are measurements for each garment on their website)


Z Tapes is a fabulous record label with a very neat concept – they work with artists all over the world to produce digital and physical editions of the artists' unique, often home-recorded albums. They also have a variety of very talented visual artists who collaborate on the album artwork and on merch designs. All of their music is professional dubbed or pressed to tape or vinyl, and the products are all printed at very high quality. It's a neat business model that sustains artists all over the globe, and offers perhaps a slightly more diverse and ambitious range of musical styles than you would find on an average record label. Shipping from Slovakia, where they are based, to me in the US can be a little slow sometimes, but that is just the nature of global shipping.
All in all, I've never had a bad experience with them, whether it's buying merch or records, and I highly recommend checking them out!


As a person with a very small back and an hourglass figure, it's hard to find the right fit for bras. However, thanks to the sizing tests and guides, I was able to figure out my actual size (and it's a size I can't get in most stores). I ordered two different sizes of the same 3 bras for myself to see which ones would fit better, and I returned the 3 that didn't quite fit. They're seamless, easy to wash, and I had no trouble returning them. Customer service was helpful and supportive and I personally didn't experience any problems. I'll most likely be ordering again!

David S. – ThirdLove Rep

Hi Jemi,

Thank you for leaving your honest and detailed feedback about your experience with ThirdLove. We love to hear from our customers, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative; but success stories like yours are especially exciting for us. We appreciate your support of ThirdLove.

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