How to Find Out if a Website Is Legit

Woman shopping online

You’re scrolling through social media, and an advertisement pops up of the perfect sweater – and at such a fantastic price! You click on the ad to a normal-looking shopping site with lots of positive reviews. Then, you enter your payment details and wait for your order to arrive.

Except, the package takes weeks to come, and when it finally shows up at your door after zero communication from customer support, it looks nothing like what you ordered. Or, perhaps you never even receive anything at all!

This scam story is all too commonly reported on Sitejabber. Unfortunately, as scammers continue to dupe shoppers of all ages, this will continue to be a massive problem with the online shopping industry. Online shopping should be convenient, fun, and helpful, but many people are unaware of how to shop safely and what they can do to prevent fraud.

The team at Sitejabber has published a comprehensive guide to every red flag you need to know to spot a scam website. In addition, the guide includes animations to walk you through the full list of ways to help determine if a website is legit.

So the next time you shop at an unfamiliar website, use this guide as a checklist – the more red flags you notice, the warier you should be. Check out the Sitejabber guide to avoid online shopping scams here!