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Coffee Meets Bagel has a consumer rating of 3.11 stars from 288 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Coffee Meets Bagel ranks 23rd among Dating sites.

Positive reviews (last 12 months): 16.7%
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  • Works as project engineer manager on the oil rig at Kuwait.
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Top Positive Review

“Good Dating App But Still Beware of Scammers”

Brigitte B.

My experience so far has been good. A lot of genuine guys, could go out and date. However, caught one scammer with no internet trail. Goes by the name of Kim Min Ho, says he's Korean. He'll ask you to quickly change to WhatsApp or WeChat and uses the number *******320. He works as an automation engineer for an offshore company in Singapore. Unlike other scammers, his modus operandi is unusual. He will message you in the morning, lunch hours and after office hours. He's not eager and will not ask for your personal information. He only asked for USD 1500 three months after matching on CMB. He will also not shy away from telephone calls but will not do video calls because of his 'work'. Just putting this here so that other women will be aware and that this poor chap who's identity has been used can be made aware.

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Top Critical Review

“Coffee Meets Bagels was at the absolute bottom”

Pete W.

Compared to any other dating app I've tried Coffee Meets Bagels was at the absolute bottom in terms of getting connections and/or dates and I was a paid subscriber. It was easily dead last compared to Match OkCupid, Bumble, Zoosk, Elite Singles, eharmony and one or two others I don't recall and some of these other apps are also quite awful. Save your money.

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oil rig (11)
1 review
9 helpful votes
April 28th, 2020

Compared to any other dating app I've tried Coffee Meets Bagels was at the absolute bottom in terms of getting connections and/or dates and I was a paid subscriber. It was easily dead last compared to Match OkCupid, Bumble, Zoosk, Elite Singles, eharmony and one or two others I don't recall and some of these other apps are also quite awful. Save your money.

1 review
7 helpful votes
August 7th, 2020

Bagels are fake. Almost never reply. Different countries same sex, repeated. Not one date in three months. This app is designed to string vulnerable males along to make as much as they can out of them. Shame

Tip for consumers:
stay away gentlemen

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1 review
25 helpful votes
April 12th, 2020

Please be careful with any guy who gave you the number +44-7452 and asked you to add them, This number is from Isle of Man but the guy will claim that they are in London or UK at the moment.
Attached is the photo that scammer used, he claim his father is from HK and his mum is from Korea.
It's easy to tell if he is a scammer, just ask for a video call, then the guy will disappear.

1 review
4 helpful votes
December 27th, 2020

His name is Gary Wong a Chinese American-Singaporean. Locate his profile in Singapore. Works as project engineer manager on the oil rig at Kuwait. He claims as a loner - has no friend and no social media, his mom died last year and cheated by his fiancée 2,5 years ago. A polite sweet person. Try to build your trust. Not too "too good to be true". End up with a story of "brokedown machine" which need to be fixed. He asked to login to his account and make the transfer to the supplier. Because he trusts me so much!

His English is quite good (rare to find typo or miss-spelling). Chated via Whatsapp with +1(306)80002**

Once you reject to do the banking transfer he will drop the communications down.

The scammer probably stole someone else profile. I feel sorry to this guy!

1 review
10 helpful votes
January 12th, 2021

They steal money from consumers. Also they steal photos of models from their social media. They lure you in with these photos and rip you off. They are just money grubbers. I left CMB because of its absolute lack of accountability. All the messages I got were bot written templates, all likes were fake. It was so easy to tell that there were no real people behind those photos and messages. It's totally misleading and unscrupulous app!

1 review
16 helpful votes
March 10th, 2020

Met loads of scammers on this site. All had similar stories. All were not living in town but planned' to move there in two months time. Talked to you every day and then asked you for money to repair equipment. Check the photos of them.

1 review
10 helpful votes
July 22nd, 2020

I really dislike this dating app. You are "served" a limited number of bagels based on an algorithm you have no control over. Those people who like you and want to engage with you never respond. And the company entices you to pay more for additional benefits. Why would you pay for more of nothing? I've used Match and paid for it. Now on OK Cupid (which is free) and I have had a number of nice guys contacting me and willing to meet. I won't be resubscribing to this one. Too bad. I had strong hopes that this app would be different.

1 review
6 helpful votes
October 12th, 2021

Got liked by this china guy, talk alot about himself, never met this guy at all too. Started calling me babe or darling, and sing to me ( his singing sucks btw) it was gross whenever he called me that and continued say want to do financial management together, i followed and earn about 500plus from it. And i was stupid and follow his scam and he manage to scam 7k from me. I believe he doesnt look like the pictures, he must be ugly and freak looking.

1 review
8 helpful votes
March 11th, 2020

I have met this guy named "Eric Chang" in CMB app. (Phone number: *******816) He claims to be 42 years old, korea mix hong kong people and lived in hong kong until 11 years old, and moved to new york after that. He has his own company doing oil rig consultant firm. He asked my whatsapp on the same day we started to chat. He would text me every morning and night and saying sweet things. He even showed me pictures of him and video about his work (even though he did not appear in those video).
One day he said he have to go to turkey for a month for oil rig contract offshore. After about 10 days offshore, he said his machine doesn't work and need to buy a new one from china. Then he said cannot get into his bank account and maybe the wifi is not strong enough. He asked me to help him get into his account, and said that his only friend always go to casino and is not trustworthy. He also asked me to loan to him and he will pay me back. Since i found this website on the day he borrow money from me, so i refused and tell him he is a liar. I hope others would not be cheated by this guy.

1 review
15 helpful votes
April 19th, 2020

Despite paying for premium, I find very few profiles available in my age range (over 35). Not scammers like I'm reading about here, though I had one connection early on with a woman who seemed to be a 10' interested in me. Now I wonder if that was a teaser scam. Not a single date from this site

1 review
20 helpful votes
January 17th, 2020

Since using CMB every guy that I've talked to is a scammer. Stories are all the same, plus they don't usually put up a photo on their WhatsApp. Why? Cos they probably using a few different faces at a time. I've blocked & reported all these profiles. Dating websites should take some responsibility & clean them out as much as possible. I don't see CMB doing much. SO avoid these So called overseas workers, on contracts, oil rigs, engineers, military etc... never depart with your money even if they send all these stolen photos of kids, houses, the lot.
Same old tricks!

3 reviews
0 helpful votes
February 22nd, 2022

I like your app, great interfaqce and such a good friends I found here
Very very satisfied with your app

1 review
2 helpful votes
November 13th, 2021

I was scammed by a guy I met through CMB, later found out he used picture from someone from Taiwan. How CMB verifies their account, I already reported this matter to CMB and they seems less interested. This person has man accounts which CMB cant di nothing about, they do not care about customer service.

1 review
13 helpful votes
March 5th, 2020

You pay a hefty sum for premium membership but are required to pay more on top of this if you expect this app to be even half way functional. Then, you are given matches each day without even having to fill out a questionnaire. Bizarre. Don't ask me how I got sucked into to paying for the site but In did. Haven't had a date yet. Worst dating site I have ever used. Even when you do get a match the chat function doesn't work. No local help desk from what I can gather. Totally stupid and waste of time app. Don't get sucked in like I did.

1 review
9 helpful votes
October 5th, 2020

Hey girls, please be careful of this scammer. He claimed himself born in HK and raised in California, working as engineer of hydropower. Now, running his own company n is handling the maintenance project of dam offshore in Sweden. In the first few weeks, he keeps sending you messages everyday, step by step to lure you to treat him as friend. And then, he will send you his child pic, staff card, details of his client, supplier (both are well-known companies). He just copied the info from their official website to make everything real.

He will ask you to help him settle the payment to offshore bank agent so that his account could be activated to pay his supplier. He will involve his so-called contract company too. Everything involves his client's instruction. He will mentioned many parties to you, such as well-known hydropower company, supplier, evaluation report, proforma invoice, pay check from his client.

Girls, please be careful!

1 review
8 helpful votes
August 31st, 2020

All scammers trying to rip you off. This dating site is an absolute scam from the beginning to the end. When you use the free version the site matches you with the "best" profile to attract your attention to make you sign up. Once you sign up the matches are absolutely different from what you've set up for and 90% of the guys who sent me messages were scammers trying to get money in iTunes Gift Cards or Cash App. Be aware! They are professionals in emotionally manipulate people. They copy and paste romantic poems and info about any topics you are discussing with them. I mean everything from what they thing about loyalty in a relationship to who should do the chores in the house. They used a NonFixed-VoIP phone number, google hangouts, and stolen pictures and short videos from the internet, usually a Skype video call that last about 15-20 seconds. Do not fall for it! It's not them, they play a recording. Before anything, check the validity of their email, do a reverse photo check, and check their phone number. If it's a VoIP number forget it, it's a scam! Last scammers named Joe Bennett, successful engineer from Jacksonville, parents died, ex-cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend and was with him just to rip off his money, gets deployed to Samara, Russia to train employees from a sister company. Tells you that can't call or video call due to the company security reasons. Different from the others, writes proper English, makes nice questions such "babe, do you hold grudges or forgive quickly?" Or "If you could trade lives with anyone who would you choose?. He's also into donate money to charity, orphans... tells you he's thinking long-term with you, that is completely in love and suddenly (6 weeks mark) finds a way to bypass the security code to make a video call of 20 secs. No audio. Fake clipped video stolen from the internet. Then the next morning he tells you he's in big trouble that the video call had exposed the company's location, that a colleague has lost his job once bc of that, and that he needed money to by a signal tracking device to clear him up. He doesn't have money because he donated to the charity and he doesn't have access to his account. Asked $550 to be sent through Cash App. When I confronted him he is a scam, he denied and was all emotional about putting his job on the line etc... That's the end. Please be mindful that theses pictures are not who he is but pictures stolen from the internet. If you know this person (guy) please let him know scammers are using his photos to scam women around.

1 review
8 helpful votes
April 27th, 2019

I also met a Terry Wong who claims he is a surgeon serving in the military in Yemen. Good looking 42 year old male looks korean Claims his parents had passed away at a young age and he doesn't have any relatives and/or family. Then quickly moved to chatting on wechat with no picture. Sends several flattering messages daily,! I sensed the scam when he told me, he's worried about his taxes not being paid and has been accruing. Doesn't add up when his contract supposedly ends in 2 months and you're worried about the payments now? Scam! Beware ladies!

1 review
8 helpful votes
September 13th, 2020

I tried out this app recommended by friends. But i haven't subscribe yet. Until I saw many bad reviews here. Just like to share my experience. I received message from this guy call Calvin, claim that he is half Chinese half Australian from Melbourne working in Malaysia Terengganu for the project. Divorced with his own company with one daughter. Then asked me to chat at WhatsApp. From there everyday send me message few times and say sweet words to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. But i never say yes. After that I notice his mobile number quite strange with is +6011 with 8 digits number, I found fishing and something not right. And he send me the picture with his daughter and himself look like not real... I don't sure where he got all these pictures, until I asked him send video call to me, but never. From there it proved that I am right, 100% scammers, he scold me some more blocked me. Ladies just be aware this!
But I Guess some of people were lucky to meet some real or true friends from this app. Just to aware, don't fall in love too fast or don't give personal accounts or money. This is scammers wanted by end of the day

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 17th, 2021
• Updated review

Full of trash so does their staff. Instead of resolve issues, they will block you if you are in their way of business. Crime in silence!
Even in social media, they won't reply and block right away!

Tip for consumers:
Stay away!

Trash app
October 16th, 2021
• Previous review

Lots of fake people hiding under their good faith profile. It is a trash app with lot of scammers. The staff is also rude and disrespectful. Not worth any attention!

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 11th, 2021

This guy professes to be 40 years old and his name is JACKSON - he claims to be in the Air Force as a Technical Seargant on deployment in Kuwait - he supposedly has three months to go before he comes home but won't devulge exactly when. His accent doesn't match up with his picture at all and when he texts it is broken sentences so it appears he is not who he says he is. He moves way too fast... supposedly his wife cheated with his best friend when he was deployed in Russia about five years ago. I would watch out for him as he doesn't answer important questions, etc.

1 review
0 helpful votes
October 1st, 2020

Scammer Haven! Luckily I have tried online dating before and am just an aware type person. But, this still caught me off guard.

Beware of interesting names (Jakob and Liam).
Beware if Grammer is not typical, you may chalk it up to a language thing since they say they are from somewhere else.
Beware, both profiles had photos with another person or an animal.

2 matches, 1 from Italy and 1 from France. Both started msg'ing normal enough. Then within a day they both wanted to jump off to texting. After texting 1 All Day long ~ thinking legit (he sent a couple more pics, etc) he told me he had an accent and asked if that was a problem ~ I said no. Later that evening he wanted to call. This was no Italian accent. Luckily our call was disconnected while my mind was still in shock. Gave me a minute to know something wasn't right!

I immediately reported and cancelled my account! But yeah ~ the other guy still has my #, he didn't start texting yet ~ and this guy has my # and whatever other info he scammed off me ALLLL DAY. Ugh!

1 review
13 helpful votes
March 19th, 2020

This company is very suspicious. The family run and owned company has very interesting investors from Indonesia. The company maybe a front for a money laundering operation. We do not know. And, the data is being sold off to foreign countries that are hostile to the United States of America.

1 review
42 helpful votes
February 21st, 2019

Ladies, pls take extra precautions towards this guy named either Terry or Peter Wong in CMB.
He is a love scammer who is out to cheat your feelings and monies as well.
He will send sweet talk messages to you everyday for 2 weeks. After two weeks, he will lure you to set up Google Hangouts and started to pester you to transfer money to pay his oil rig items to his so-called supplier named Benson Lee in HK.
Pls see the photo attachment of his latest profile in CMB.

1 review
1 helpful vote
May 20th, 2021

This is the most non-user friendly site ever. You fill out your preferences, yet they match you with people who are way out of your age range and way out of your distance limitations. When you finally contact someone in customer support, they say document and send us photos of your issue. First of all, who has time for this and who saves people's profiles you deleted? Finally after persistently asking for a refund, they send you a page of instructions on how to request a refund from Apple. Now this is their "scape goat" as Apple does not give refunds when you purchased the subscription legally through your phone app. I would join ANY other site than this...

1 review
6 helpful votes
February 15th, 2020

An orthopaedic surgeon working for Syrian American Medical Society in Syria. He claims that he needs help to receive the money that he will be shipping from Syria. The photos of the money and safe are from scam sites. Please beware.

Q&A (29)


If they ask for money, it's a scam. Think about it. Would anyone really want to date someone who only needed money? No! That's why they come in so strong to get a strong "connection" going so you think you're more invested than just a dating relationship. ITS.A. SCAM.

By Joanna J.

Have you ever met a guy called Logan' or Logan Morris Tim'? He claimed he is on a contract working in Kuwait and he deals with oil rigs. He is a Petroleum Engineer. His English is pretty good, claimed he is mix American and Singaporean. Found him fishy and challenged him with many questions. He couldnt answer so I blocked him.

By Felise T.
See more answers (3)

Scam. Just ask him his ethnicity. He'll say "white/caucasian" and claim he doesn't know.

By Melody M.
See more answers (2)

Yes. I met him on CMB. He's not real. Don't believe his stories.

By Private N.

Someone else reported him as a scammer. You might have too if given more time and hopefully not been scammed. He would have tried though.

By Joanna J.

I would say yes... had a run in with him... never would talk on the phone. Always had an excuse as to why he was not around... then when I didnt initiate chat for several days he called me boring...

By Mari C.

Contact customer service on the app, why are you asking this site? Duhhh

By Jessica R.

If it sounds like a scam, ie they want you to send money, it probably is. Also if you've ever met the person face to face, and they need you to send money in order to met, its a scam.

By Daniel A.

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